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The Breath In Between: Guided Meditations with Jake Murry

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that because of your enthusiasm for Meditation and willingness to participate within your community we are going to keep the good vibes coming twice a month in May, June and July!

While we loved having classes every Thursday evening we are going to be switching it up little bit this time around. We will continue to hold classes the 2nd Thursday evening of each month (7-7:45pm) and in addition we will be offering a second class on one Sunday a month (10:45-11:30am). All classes will remain 45 minutes.

Suggested donation for a drop in: $5 OR $20 for all 6!! (payable at the studio or online)

So now that all that is squared away, here is the upcoming schedule for the next three months of guided meditations with our passionate teacher, Jake Murry

  • May 9th (Thursday 7pm-7:45pm) Manifesting your inner most goals

  • May 26th (Sunday 10:45-11:30am) “Sunday Chakra Series” Pt 1 (Grounding )

  • June 13th(Thursday 7pm-7:45pm) Changing the narrative surrounding our anxiety

  • June 23rd (Sunday 10:45-11:30am) “Sunday Chakra Series” Pt 2 (Nurturing)

  • July 11th(Thursday 7pm-7:45pm) Releasing Subconscious roadblocks (achieving deep sleep/Insomnia)

  • July 21st (Sunday 10:45-11:30am) “Sunday Chakra Series” Pt 3 (Raising our vibe)

Just like with all Meditation classes here at Elevate community yoga no previous experience is required and all ages are welcome.

Comfortable clothes are highly recommended as we will be sitting for 30 minutes. Also feel free to bring any item such as a blanket or pillow that may assist in your ability to relax. As always, there is an assortment of blankets, bolsters and other props available for your use at the studio.

P.S. Jake here…If any of you out here have any questions or concerns about any of these classes or Meditation in general (or you just wanna talk) you can reach totally reach out to me here, on IG or email me I would love to hear from you