Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best class for beginners? Most of our classes are beginner friendly. It’s important to find the style of yoga that best fits your needs. Are you looking for something with more movement, strength & flexibility or perhaps something slower or more relaxing? There’s lots to choose from! Here’s a little peek at our offerings and how to choose the right yoga for you!

  • Most movement and energetic practices: Vinyasa (a creative flow-based practice) and Ashtanga (a more routined and structured practice) Vinyasa Level 2 (a Vinyasa class with more options to go deeper in the practice - we recommend having a little experience with vinyasa before jumping in)

  • Movement-based practices, but slowed down a bit: Slow Flow (Like Vinyasa, but not as fast), Hatha (Slowed down and typically no vinyasas - more accessible movements), Gentle Core (Takes pressure off the joints in the body while still allowing the body to find strength and movement), Ashtanga Basics (like our Ashtanga class but broken down for more accessibility) and Mysore (self led Ashtanga practice where the teacher works with you to learn the practice while catering it to your specific needs)

  • Relaxing & more meditative styles: Yin (a deep stretching/releasing class where poses are held for longer periods of time), Restorative (complete relaxation class - instead of stretching this is all about letting go - poses are held for longer periods of time as well), Nidra (a guided class done from a reclined position that guides you to a space between sleep and awake with full body relaxation) Meditation (a guided class focused on gaining deeper awareness and mindfulness - usually from a seated position)

You can start anywhere you’d like, but hopefully this helps to guide you! We recommend trying out different classes with different teachers - find what you like and know that there is a yoga for everyone. Yes, even being brand new - give yourself a few classes to get the feel for it and you’ll get a lot more comfortable! Our community is extremely welcoming and is full of all different experience levels, ages, genders and sizes! Come as you are!

For more of a breakdown on our class styles, CLICK HERE.

What do I need to bring with me? If you have a yoga mat, bring it. If not, we have some you can borrow and just ask that you spray and wipe them down with our cleaner at the studio after you’re done. There is no cost for usage, but we recommend that if you make this a regular practice to look into finding your own personal mat - we promise you’ll be glad you did and are more than happy to guide you in the right direction with mat recommendations. We even sell investment mats at our studio if you’re looking to take the plunge! We also recommend you bring a water bottle with you incase you need it! Some students also bring a towel for sweat management.

What do I wear? Come comfortable yet moveable. If you’re in more movement-based classes, consider wearing clothes that aren’t too baggy as they will start to fall and bunch. You may also be sweating a lot, so wear clothes that aren’t too constricting or hot (layering is a great idea to manage temperatures). We highly recommend NOT wearing socks for more movement or flow classes. For more relaxing classes, layer up! It’s nice to get cozy and comfortable - we encourage you to wear what feels good.

Can I bring my children? We are open to serving yoga to this community no matter what your age! We love seeing families coming in and practicing together. The only thing that we ask is that your child isn’t a disruption to the class. We want to make this a warm and welcoming community while also having consideration for other students practicing. You must sign a waiver for you child if they are under the age of 18.

Do I pay at the studio or in advance? Either way! When you go to our Pricing Page, it will give you details on our options for making a donation towards classes/memberships. When we receive your donation, we automatically create a class card for you at the studio so it’s ready for you when you arrive! If you ever need to make a special note with your purchase, you will be able to add it with your donation. If you want to wait until you get to the studio, any of our teachers will be able to help you make your donation. We accept cash, cards and checks (made payable to Elevate Community Yoga). If you make a cash purchase for classes or monthly memberships, please let us know so we can create a class card for you. If you ever want to know where you are with your classes, just ask and we will have record of it for you!

How do I sign up? No need to sign up for our regularly scheduled classes - just show up prior to class to get your spot and be sure to sign in so we know you were there! One side of the sign in sheet will be for drop ins and the other side for packages/members. The only time we ask that you sign up in advance is for special classes, workshops, events and trainings that may also have limited space - links will be available to purchase tickets.