Kaycie Hall - Owner & E-RYT (200)

I have been teaching yoga since 2013, and it has grown to be a passion of mine. I enjoy teaching more energetic and creative styles such as vinyasa flow - this is where I feel we get to truly express ourselves through movement and breath. I also enjoy teaching workshops, retreats, and other community yoga events to bring people together! I am a student to the yoga practice and to all of life's lessons along the way. I strive to learn from all of my experiences so that I can grow, share, and connect with the community. 

Aside from yoga, I love connecting with the outdoors. I spend my time rock climbing, hiking, camping, and anything else that involves me having fun outside. I bring my love for nature into my yoga space - a feeling of life and deeper connection. 

Lindsay Negrello E-RYT (200)

I discovered yoga by happy accident! I was fifteen and wanted something besides running and calisthenics for my sophomore high school PE class. I fell in love with the practice and took classes on-and-off for several years. Yoga was my go-to anytime I needed to reconnect with my body, but it wasn’t until I became a mom in my early 30s that I returned to a dedicated daily practice. I desperately needed to get back in touch with my changed body. What I began to learn after so many years of focusing on the physical was how it felt to tune in to my body’s needs without judgment, and to find compassion and acceptance for myself. I knew I was on the right path, so I threw myself into my practice with my whole heart.

After four years of dedicated daily practice, it was clear that I had found my life's passion. I chose to pursue my 200 hour teaching certification at ZUDA Yoga in Sacramento because I wanted a true test and a life-changing experience. This was one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of my life. My teachers at ZUDA were, and continue to be, the people I go to when I need both loving acceptance and a challenge to leave my comfort zone!

I absolutely love teaching and helping others discover the physical, mental and emotional gifts that yoga has to offer. I teach power vinyasa flow, hatha and yin forms of yoga. I’m most attracted to the more active forms for their combination of rigor and soulfulness but I also love the balance of teaching yin yoga, allowing the body and the mind time to find space and freedom in the postures.

When you attend one of my classes I will encourage you to recognize that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. No need for fixing and changing! By choosing to be present and in gratitude for what is, you will become an ally to your body instead of an adversary. Join me on the mat. Namaste!


Samantha Wiesner E-RYT (200), BSW

In 2013, I launched my yoga-teaching career while in Costa Rica studying Vinyasa Flow with Jennifer Yarro, Frog Lotus Yoga.. After suffering a spinal injury in 2015, I embraced a restorative practice. The healing effects of a slow practice and massage inspired my training in Therapeutic yoga at the Integral Institute of San Francisco with Cheri Clampett. In 2017, I made my first pilgrimage to Mysore, India where I studied Ashtanga Yoga and received my certification in Thai Yoga Massage.

Today, both traditional Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga influence my teaching.  Exploring the balance between effort and ease has been incredibly transformative in my body, mind, and spiritual practice. In addition to anatomically lead movement, my classes offer a blend of guided meditation, breath work, and hands-on touch.  I invite you to show up to your mat, just as you are.  

Ashley Garcia E-RYT (200)


Miriam Berman - Kid's Yoga Instructor

I have practiced yoga throughout much of my adult life.  As an occupational therapist working with special needs children, I began to bring yoga into some of my special day classrooms.  Now that I am retired, I am excited to offer studio-based classes to children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.  I have a background in child development and sensory integration, a love for the little ones, and have trained in the Get Ready to Learn© and It’s Yoga Kids© programs.

My style of teaching is a playful and creative way to bring the benefits of yoga to children.  Music and movement guide them through poses that are similar to adult poses but adapted for growing bodies.  I integrate silliness with stillness, with great results.  Children learn kindness and mindfulness through imagery and focused breathing.  They gain respect for themselves and those around them.  They discover how far they can push themselves to become strong, flexible, and focused.  And they have a great time!