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31 Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga every damn day for the entire month of January! You read that right! Are you up for the challenge? A lot of us may have New Year's resolutions, so why not work on a healthy body AND mind? We are inviting you to experience how you feel after a month straight of yoga! Make the time for you! Please read the details below.

- Yes, this is open to beginners of yoga! We teach all levels classes, so there will be options for everyone to choose from. We encourage rest if you need it - take it at your own pace. We want you all to feel welcomed and comfortable with wherever you are in your practice - new or experienced. If you'd like to read up on our different styles of classes, click here

- Online yoga! We understand that our schedule doesn't always work with yours, so we are incorporating the relaunch of our online yoga classes! You must have a Facebook account to become a member of our group & access our online yoga classes. Look up and join our group by clicking here: Online Yoga Classes - Elevate Community Yoga. We will start accepting members January 1st and whether you finish the challenge or not, enjoy the entire month long online membership for free! We will be creating at least 2 classes a week, and you will have access to all of our older videos, too! You will be removed from the group after the challenge ends January 31st unless you choose to sign up for the monthly subscription (click here: $20/month auto-pay). Current studio members have access at no additional cost! 

- New studio classes for the challenge! We offer classes 7 days a week in studio, but we've decided to add a couple extra classes a week to the schedule for the duration of the challenge. We will be offering Pop Up classes: Fridays Jan 5th-19th from 5:30-6:45pm. (Sorry, we won't be available the evening of Jan 26th - perhaps an online class would suffice!). We will also be offering Sundays Jan 7th-28th from 6-7:15pm - Yin. Keep your eyes open for workshops and other pop up classes & events too! To check out our weekly/monthly schedule, click here.

- The challenge is FREE! There is no cost to join aside from the donations you make towards classes. We recommend that if you are going to participate in the challenge, consider getting a one month unlimited package. Suggested donation: $110 - donate what you can. You can purchase that online by clicking HERE and entering your donation amount OR feel free to donate in studio the first day of the event. If you donate ahead of time online, the month starts the day you come in, not the day you purchased it. If you plan to continue coming in at least 2-3 times a week even after the challenge has ended, you might be more interested in an auto-pay monthly studio membership. This is $90/month auto-pay (no contract required - can be cancelled any time) and gives you way more perks than just unlimited studio and online yoga classes. For details on the auto-pay membership, perks, and to sign up, click HERE and hit subscribe. You can also just do normal packages or drop ins if you choose.

- Did we mention there are PRIZES?!?! Aside from the personal achievement of a 31 day yoga streak, you may be eligible to win an actual prize! We are encouraging you to come to studio classes. The online classes are a perk, but we are only allowing you 5 of them to count towards your challenge to be eligible for the grand prize! We want to see your faces every single day for the month of January, so come in to the studio and flow with us! If you come in to the studio and practice at LEAST 26 days throughout the month and make up the difference through online classes (total of 31 days), you will be eligible to win! If you take an online yoga class, we want to know how you liked it - please comment on the video after you've completed the class to let us know you did it and to share your experience!  Yes, there can be multiple winners and we hope you will be one of them! What's the prize? A braaaand neeewwww YOGA MAT! Expect some high quality mats! If you just can't make that many studio classes, do this challenge for YOU. You may not get a prize in hand, but you can still attend classes when you can and do online classes as much as you'd like to experience what this challenge is really all about - MAKING time for yourself and working on a healthier body and mind.

- How to sign up? Just show up! We will have a sign up sheet at the studio the first day of the event and we will keep track daily, so be sure to sign in each day you come in or comment on the online class you take! Feel free to ask to join our online group or make a donation towards your month or membership (all listed above) ahead of time. 

- If you can't do the full 31 days straight, challenge yourself do as many as you can. Whether you start on day 1 or 21, feel free to jump on board and try to build a daily practice! If you miss a day, oh well - just pick back up and keep trying! It's called a challenge for a reason. Excuses are easy - Making time for ourselves is hard...that's why we're doing this! We deserve more self love and care, so we hope you join us!

We are so excited for this challenge, and we hope that you are too! Be a YES.