Kaycie Hall - Owner & E-RYT 200

I have been teaching yoga since 2013, and it has grown to be a passion of mine. I enjoy teaching more energetic and creative styles such as vinyasa flow - this is where I feel we get to truly express ourselves through movement and breath. I also enjoy teaching workshops, retreats, and other community yoga events to bring people together! I am a student to the yoga practice and to all of life's lessons along the way. I strive to learn from all of my experiences so that I can grow, share, and connect with the community. 

Aside from yoga, I love connecting with the outdoors. I spend my time rock climbing, hiking, camping, and anything else that involves me having fun outside. I bring my love for nature into my yoga space - a feeling of life and deeper connection. 


Samantha Wiesner - E-RYT 200, BSW

In 2013, I launched my yoga-teaching career while in Costa Rica studying Vinyasa Flow with Jennifer Yarro, Frog Lotus Yoga.. After suffering a spinal injury in 2015, I embraced a restorative practice. The healing effects of a slow practice and massage inspired my training in Therapeutic yoga at the Integral Institute of San Francisco with Cheri Clampett. In 2017, I made my first pilgrimage to Mysore, India where I studied Ashtanga Yoga and received my certification in Thai Yoga Massage.

Today, both traditional Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga influence my teaching.  Exploring the balance between effort and ease has been incredibly transformative in my body, mind, and spiritual practice. In addition to anatomically lead movement, my classes offer a blend of guided meditation, breath work, and hands-on touch.  I invite you to show up to your mat, just as you are.  


Ashley Garcia - E-RYT 200 & Photographer

I have dabbled in yoga since my early teenage years, but started to develop a serious practice in 2012 when I discovered the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, and shortly thereafter began my yoga teacher training.  Within weeks of being exposed to this traditional method, I was hooked, and began to transform body, mind, and spirit. This transformation is still taking place today on and off the mat, and has allowed me to find and pursue my own life path as fully as I can. I have been teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga since 2013.

Yoga, and specifically Ashtanga yoga, has taught me the power of practice and the limitless strength that exists within all of us. I strive to teach and practice the same way: one breath at a time, simply and with a light heart, and with the expectation that myself and my students are truly capable of doing whatever we free our minds to do. 

Aside from teaching and practicing yoga, I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer and run my own business called Ashley Purple Photo.  I also really like pasta. the open road, swimming in the ocean, antiquing, and my cat, Todd.


Taylor Huff - RYT 200

My love for yoga began in 2015 after I sustained a knee injury that required surgery. Shortly after my recovery, one of my friends mentioned she was going to a yoga class. I thought it would be the perfect form of exercise since my injury hindered me from doing other forms of exercise. Yoga started out merely as a way to stay in shape and has gradually evolved into something so much more. It is beneficial not only to my physical well being but also my mental well being. While I have tried several different yoga styles, Vinyasa is the clear winner (so far) in my book. It offers so much creativity and joy and is available to individuals of all different levels. I feel honored to be a part of Elevate Community Yoga’s first generation of new teachers and I would be honored to pass on all I have learned to those who want to come flow with me! Yoga is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Maybe it could be for you too?


Hend Saadeh - RYT 200

I originally turned to yoga to help me cope with the stress of life. As I’ve built a consistent practice, I’ve experienced physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Yoga has helped me access patience and hidden strength, both on and off the mat. I believe it can do this for anyone who chooses to seek it out. A yoga practice is both healing and empowering.

Outside of yoga, I enjoy climbing, learning about anything and everything, being outside, and hanging out with my dog. I look forward to guiding you on the mat!


Pheonix Lam - RYT 200

Teaching yoga brings me an incredible amount of joy. It allows me the opportunity to connect back to a place within myself that loves without conditions and can give without expectations of anything in return.

The practice of yoga has helped heal and energize my life, awakening my inner child and freeing me onto a path of happiness and serenity. I’ve discovered passions for singing, farming, gardening and more fully appreciate the gift of simply being human.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to learn from and share an experience of yoga with anyone who is finding their way back home. =)


Sharon Taporco - RYT 200

“In 2010, I completed my first 200 hour yoga training in Vinyasa through Yoga Works in San Francisco. I credit this training for helping to deepen and enrich my own personal practice. Most recently, in 2017, I completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training program in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Rishikesh, India. I practice mainly within the traditional, structured Ashtanga style but I also sprinkle in Vinyasa because I enjoy the creativity and playfulness that it provides. 

I like to guide my classes through movement focused on skeletal alignment, muscular engagement and attention to breath. I encourage you to show up to your mat, have fun, breathe and just do you.”


Ann Lewis - RYT 500

I've been practicing yoga for several years and began teacher training solely to deepen my own practice by learning more about the anatomy and philosophy behind yoga. During teaching training, we studied numerous different styles of yoga, and when we came to Gentle Yoga, it spoke to me. I then decided to start teaching Gentle Yoga and am excited to share my style with the Elevate Community.

My classes are an expression of what I love about yoga - joy! I enjoy a light-hearted approach (never taking myself too seriously), releasing inhibitions, free of competition and comparison, stepping outside of comfort zones - all in a safe and fun environment where we can feel supported and connected in mind, body and spirit. I believe a yoga practice should support the well-being of the entire person.

I have been married nearing 40 years; I enjoy spending time with family & friends, traveling, cooking, gardening, and our mini schnauzer, Marvin. As a student of yoga, I appreciate all the teachers and styles of yoga that have contributed to my exploration of yoga, health and life. Teaching brings me inspiration and happiness. I look forward to practicing and sharing my knowledge of yoga with each of you.


Georgia te Velde - RYT 200

I took my first Vinyasa Yoga class in 2012 as a stressed out engineering student seeking calm! I was immediately drawn to the practice for the energetic and creative style that offset my sedentary and mathematical college career. Over the years I began to appreciate the practice more for the time spent focusing on myself and leaving the chaos that is life at the door. Yoga will help anyone find balance in life and will always provide what you are needing in the moment. My physical practice now consists of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and sitting in Lotus at my desk chair.

Introducing others to the magic of yoga is one of my passions! I absolutely love sharing the practice and always enjoy seeing new smiling faces ready to learn and improve themselves. I embrace the challenge of yoga with a light hearted spirit, knowing that yoga is a journey with no finish line so we might as well have fun along the way. Come practice with me!


Veronica Tovar - RYT 200 & LCSW

In 2015, I tried yoga for the first time simply because it was the one “exercise” I could do barefoot. I quickly learned that yoga wasn’t simply an “exercise” but a lifelong practice that cultivates the mind, body, and soul. Practicing yoga has helped me create a body/mind connection that I had never before experienced. It has also increased my ability to cope with daily life and work stress. As I’ve continued my practice I have come across so many individuals who have had healing experiences through yoga. This, along with my own experiences as both a yogi and a social worker, inspired me to become a yoga teacher with the goal of teaching Trauma Informed Yoga. I have recently completed the Trauma Informed Yoga training and hope to begin incorporating some of those techniques into my teaching. I hope to see you in class!