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Community Class: Vinyasa with Kevin McCaghren

Kevin is back for his second class at Elevate - this time, raising the energy a bit for a community Vinyasa class - free for all to join! Vinyasa is a linking of breath & movement in a flow from posture to posture. This practice can build internal heat, strength, flexibility and balance as well as calming the mind from all the clutter of our day to day life. This is open to all levels. We ask that each student listens to their body and rests or modifies when needed. Come ready to flow and find presence - Kevin will guide you there!

We’ve designed these community classes to give newer teachers an opportunity to practice and grow their teaching skills while also giving you more opportunities to practice…for FREE! Your presence is greatly appreciated by our instructors and we offer time to give constructive feedback either directly to the teacher or anonymously after class to help them progress. This is what makes us community - helping and supporting one another’s growth!

No need to sign up - we’ll be waiting for you!

With: Kevin McCaghren