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Elevate Book Club: Siddhartha

Throughout history, books have played an integral role in sharing spiritual knowledge and bringing people together. Many people have had profound and life-changing experiences after stumbling upon a book that touched their soul. Through books, we are able to travel the world and open our minds and hearts to many different perspectives.

In this book club, we are going to explore some intriguing topics through a variety of popular books. The discussion is open to everyone and all thoughts and perspectives are welcome. We would love to hear what parts of a book spoke to you, what you liked, and what wasn't for you.

If you love to hear different ideas, but you're not comfortable sharing in a group, come anyway! This is first and foremost a chance to connect with others. We are here to support you wherever you're at. Also, if you started the book but didn't finish, we would still love to have you.

If you would like to sip on tea during the meeting, please bring a mug! We will have a kettle and a selection of teas on hand. You are also welcome to bring your own tea or some snacks for sharing. This is a free event and the meeting will last about an hour.

About the book: Siddhartha

Published in 1922, Siddhartha has captivated generations of people who have sought a deeper understanding of life. It is the story of a young man who leaves behind the life his family and society expect him to live in order to find his own sense of happiness and understanding. His journey brings him to many unique people who teach him different things, including the Buddha himself. The book explores themes of teacher and student, social expectations, friendship, and enlightenment.

Book Club led by: Melissa Field

FREE EVENT - bring yourself, bring a friend