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Elevate Adventure: Hike & Yoga - Alamere Falls

Time for our next Elevate adventure and we are taking it to Point Reyes National Seashore for a beautiful coastal hike to Alamere Falls! This is a 8.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail rated as moderate in difficulty, so we ask that you please feel comfortable hiking this distance/difficulty level. Each student is asked to bring their own food, water and any other items you may need or want. We have a list below with suggestions on what you may want to remember.

It takes about 3 hours to drive to Alamere Falls from Elevate (where we will all meet in the morning) so we are aiming to leave around 6am to get to the trailhead by 9am and ready to hike in (bathrooms are available at the start of trailhead). Timing can be tricky so make sure you have the full day available - We are aiming to leave the trailhead start by 2-3ish pm to drive home but could be earlier or later depending on how everything pans out. If we are still wanting to hang out after the hike, we can also arrange to go have lunch together nearby so long as all members in the vehicle are willing - please be considerate of other people's time - we can figure this out ahead of time as well. We will figure out carpooling prior to the adventure so please let us know if you plan on driving or are interested in driving and how many seats are available in your vehicle. It is greatly appreciated. If you are not driving, please take in to account gas money to help the drivers out - this is NOT included in your ticket donation.

After arriving to the falls/beach, we will enjoy a 60 minute yoga class led by Kaycie Hall. This will be a slow flow class with a long led meditation at the end to take in all the beauty and vastness of this place. It will not be too intense or vigorous - think about light and easy movements to cultivate energy and awareness. Afterwards we will have time to hang out, explore, play or sit and enjoy the scenery before heading back.

Ashley Garcia will also be joining us to take pictures along our adventure! We are so excited to have her capture these moments so we can share them and help to promote future Elevate adventures as well! We appreciate your presence and support of the growth of this community!

Disclaimer: We are not tour/nature/outdoor guides but we do promote getting outside and enjoying Mama Nature. We are inviting you to join us at your own risk and liability. We are not responsible for any mishaps, accidents or injuries that may occur on this adventure and by purchasing your ticket, you are agreeing to this release of any liability of Elevate Community Yoga and any of our staff present. Stay safe and have fun - we simply want to share these fun adventures with you.

Things to bring:

  • Water (this is a longer hike and temperatures could be quite warm, so bring enough to last you through the day)

  • Food (think any snacks, lunch and possibly even early dinner to properly sustain you for all activities - fruits are great for hydration as well)

  • Layers (sometimes it can be hot - sometimes the coastal breeze can make it quite chilly so be prepared for all elements)

  • Hiking shoes (whether you bring boots or hiking sandals - make sure they are comfortable, grippy, and broken in)

  • Yoga Mat (completely optional - we will be doing yoga on the beach so it's not necessary to have a mat. You can practice right in the sand OR a beach towel if you bring one. Yoga will be light and emphasis will be on meditation & slow flow)

  • Sunblock

  • Hat to block sun (optional)

  • Beach Towel (optional)

  • Beach blanket (optional)

  • Hiking Backpack (recommended to carry your belongings)

  • Money for gas and possible lunch afterwards

  • If you think of anything else that we may be forgetting, please let us know!

We are super looking forward to the fun we will have on this adventure! Please sign up to let us know you're coming and we will start to arrange carpooling as the date gets closer! Thank you for your continued support!

Suggested Donation: $15/person, $10/members OR $25 for 2 people