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Elevate Mysore Intensive

Dive into the tradition of Ashtanga yoga with this week long Mysore Intensive! This self-led practice can seem daunting at first, so we're launching a 5 day intensive to help you understand what it is and how to do it! Ashley Garcia, Samantha Wiesner, Kaycie Hall and Lindsay Negrello will be there each day to help cater the Ashtanga practice to you. No, you don't have to know what it is to be a part of this! This is how it works:

Monday March 5th through Friday March 9th from 5:30-8am - Studio will be open to practice! This is a 3 or 5 day intensive (we recommend the full 5 Mon-Fri) but drop ins are still welcome. You will show up each day within that time frame to get your practice in (however long you choose), but remember, doors CLOSE at 8am so your practice will have to be completed before that time. 

For those newer to Ashtanga: Don't feel intimidated! This is different than a normal led primary class. You will learn to move your way through a practice on your own, at your own pace. Ashtanga is a set sequence (doesn't change) so you'll learn little bits at a time to help establish understanding of the practice. Some poses may be challenging, so we highly recommend only doing parts of the practice and taking modifications (we will show you how to do this). We want everyone to see the softer side of Ashtanga, and Mysore practice is the perfect way to experience that for yourself! We recommend you show up to start around 6:30-7am as there will be more emphasis on the basics, but you can feel free to come in anytime that meets your needs as long as your practice is completed prior to 8am.

For those familiar with Ashtanga or Mysore: We'd recommend coming in early as assists will start at 6am. This gives you time to complete the opening, sun salutations, and standing postures before the primary series, but feel free to come in anytime as long as your practice is completed prior to 8am. If you don't know the full sequence, you can use our cheat sheets and we will offer you help as well. Please release any expectation to have to do the full sequence every single time.

Mysore Q&A Sunday March 4th from 1:30-2ish. This follows Ashley's Led Ashtanga class (which we hope you can attend as it is the day before the intensive starts). We will be open to any questions you may have before we dive in to Mysore! Come to class and stay or just pop in for Q&A. Hope to see you there!

This is NOT about having to do the full Primary Series every single day - We've designed this intensive to show you how to break it up and soften it to meet your needs. Remember, this is a lifelong practice, so learn to serve your body - not your ego! After this week long intensive, we will be offering Mysore style Thursday mornings from 5:30-8am with Samantha Wiesner. We also offer Led Primary Series every Tuesday morning from 5:30-7am & Sunday from 12-1:30pm. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the poses and sequence, but also gives you an opportunity to recognize the differences between the two styles. A led practice tends to be more challenging than Mysore because each breath is counted and every pose is taught (although you can always modify or skip poses). Mysore allows you more time and breath in your postures and to work through it in chunks at your own pace since you are guiding yourself. They both hold value and we hope you can make the most of it! The more feedback we get on the classes, the more we can adjust and fine tune the classes to better serve you!

We have Ashtanga Primary Series cheat sheets that you can use while you practice to remember the sequence. They are also available for sale if you'd like one for yourself (includes full sequence and opening/closing chants).

It's only one week! Come share your mornings with us!

Suggested Donation:

- $75 for 5 days (Mon-Fri)

- $50 for 3 days (3 days of your choice between Mon-Fri)

- $18 drop ins (whichever day you choose)

With: Ashley Garcia, Samantha Wiesner, Kaycie Hall, and Lindsay Negrello

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