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Nidra Night - A Stopping Traffic Fundraiser

Yoga Nidra or 'yogic sleep' is a guided meditation designed to bring a deep sense of relaxation. In a comfortable laying down position, you'll be lead on a journey of consciousness. As you rotate your awareness throughout your body and mind, complete physical and mental relaxation is attained. You will settle into the beautiful space between sleep and awake - where your deepest and truest self resides and all things are possible.

*No meditation or yoga experience needed.

*The majority of class will be spent in a laying down position. Bring any blankets, pillows, or bolsters needed to make yourself comfortable.

*Your body temperature will drop as you relax. You may want to bring warm layers, blankets, and socks!

About Amy: Amy spent a month at the Ashram Siddhayatan with the producers of the documentary Stopping Traffic, a nonprofit film exploring the pervasive reach of human trafficking, especially of children in the U.S., Mexico, and Asia. She has partnered with them to raise funds to get the film in as many theaters as possible. 70 percent of the proceeds will go toward bringing the film to our local AMC theater in Manteca, CA for a week long release, September 29 - October 5.

Suggested Donation Price: $13

With: Amy Cornwell

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