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Learn With Lindsay - Month Long Handstand Challenge

Interested in doing some hands on homework leading up to our Handstand workshop? Starting June 7th, we will have a month long handstand challenge. Kaycie will be posting a video in this group with instructions on what you'll be doing, and you will be practicing WITH Lindsay on this specific handstand variation. All you have to do is put in the time every single day for a month and post your progress videos in the group! Lindsay will be participating and posting daily with you and Kaycie will be offering some feedback to help. Can't commit to an entire month? Do what you can. Plan on doing it all the way through? There's a chance to win a little something special! We want to see you progress - Come workshop time, you'll be feeling more and more confident! This is optional, not mandatory. We just want you to have fun! 

Be sure to sign up for the workshop: Elevate Yo Handstands

With: Kaycie Hall & Lindsay Negrello