Interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor? Wanting to deepen your understanding of yoga? Needing a life transformation? There are many reasons why you might be looking into teacher training - all of which will be attained in our intensive program. What are the need to knows?

WHEN: Our teacher training will start Thursday February 1st 2018 and end Sunday April 15th 2018. The schedule will be as followed:


  • Thursdays 5:30-9pm (3.5hrs)
  • Fridays 5:30-9pm (3.5hrs)
  • Saturdays 9-4pm (7hrs)
  • Sundays 9-4pm (7hrs)


  • ORIENTATION: Sat Jan 13 - 9am-1pm
  • Thur Feb 1 - Sun Feb 4
  • Thur Feb 8 - Sun Feb 11
  • Thur Feb 15 - Sun Feb 18
  • Thur Mar 1 - Sun Mar 4
  • Thur Mar 8 - Sun Mar 11
  • Thur Mar 15 - Sun Mar 18
  • Thur Mar 29 - Sat Mar 31 (Easter Sunday off)
  • Thur April 5 - Sun April 8
  • Thur April 12 - Sun April 15

Please Note: This is an intensive program and all of our dates & times are mandatory in order to complete the necessary requirements for our 200hr program. Our instructors are committed to your education and are expecting each trainee to be equally committed. We created this schedule for trainees to get their certification in a quick and timely manner while still giving time to breathe and balance life (3 training weeks on, 1 week off until we've reached a  total of 9 training weeks). If there is any question or concern in regards to this schedule, please contact us at elevatecommunityyoga@gmail.com.

COST: We have broken down the costs of books, learning materials, snacks (included on weekends), and instructors to make this training program as affordable and rewarding as possible. If paid for in full, our training is $2,200 - If paid in monthly payments, our training is $2,400 including a deposit up front. This deposit is non-refundable due to it being used for the purchasing of books and materials. If you choose to make payments, please contact Kaycie Hall (studio owner) to make arrangements (elevatecommunityyoga@gmail.com). The full cost of the training must be paid in full prior to the end of 2017. 

A membership to the studio is included in the cost for the duration of the teacher training. We want you to be able to come flow and connect with the community as often as possible. If already an auto member, payments will be paused until training is over.

WHY OUR TRAINING: We are the only Vinyasa-based teacher training in the area. For those looking to either teach vinyasa or further their vinyasa understanding, this training program will leave you feeling confident and ready to explore that direction. While we will still cover other styles such as meditation, yin, restorative, ashtanga, and power, vinyasa will be the primary focus and training. Our costs are very comparable to the area and we strive to provide you with the best quality of content and teaching possible. There will be lots of emphasis on anatomical alignment, sequencing, modifications, assists, cueing, creative expression, and how to read a room along with the philosophy and history of yoga. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is an intensive program which means we will be spending a lot of time with one another while diving deep into the yoga practice. This is more than just a school or training - this is a life transforming experience. We will peel back layers of ourselves to open a deeper sense of self awareness while shedding light on areas of our lives where we can grow and realign with our intentions. Expect  inner work and group connection - we will become very close with each other over the course of this training. Expect a deep release of emotions - we will laugh together, cry together, and transform together. We will strengthen our practices and our abilities to teach and lead others. We will fall back on each other for help and support along the way. We will get to know vinyasa inside and out. We will seek our edges and surrender. We will leave feeling like a new and refreshed version of ourselves. Expect the unexpected.

Space is full for this training. If you'd like to inquire about future teacher trainings and discuss availability or have any questions, you can contact us at: