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31 Days of Handstands - Learn With Lindsay

We've done a few different month long challenges in the past, but the handstand challenge was definitely the most fun, so we're bringing it back!

On Friday, May 4th (day before challenge begins), Kaycie Hall will be leading a Handstand Workshop to break down a lot of the different variations and how to practice them safely and mindfully. This isn't mandatory to be a part of our month long challenge, but it is recommended especially for those that are newer to handstands or wanting to know what to work on in preparation.

The challenge starts Saturday May 5th and goes until the 4th of June. You will post a video of your handstand practice every single day throughout the month and post it to our closed Facebook group: Learn with Lindsay - Elevate Community Yoga where we will have a community of other students sharing their practices as well. Why is it called Learn with Lindsay? She will be practicing WITH you each day throughout the challenge, and Kaycie will help with feedback, comments, challenges and tips to help everyone progress within their own practice. Better yet, it's completely free and open to all! This was a whole lot of fun the last time we did it, and this time will be even better! There will be lots of breakthroughs, strength & confidence building, and community connection. We will even be opening time after certain studio classes to practice! Be sure to join our facebook group (link above) and if you want to attend the workshop to better your understanding, click HERE.

If you can't do every single day, just do what you can! This is about building more consistency in your practice - NOT straining your body. If you are newer to the practice, please be sure to listen to your body as that is the most important part. Yoga doesn't hurt you - the ego does that, so take breaks, days off, or modifications if needed. Have fun and enjoy the journey, not just the destination. #elevateyoself


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